In addition to our extensive inventory, Green Acres Tree Farm offers a selection of convenient services – from our range of delivery and unloading options to custom planting services, we aim to make your purchase as convenient as possible.


We have a dedicated fleet of various size trucks to provide you with field direct “just in time” delivery. We deliver various size orders to accessible locations and offer an unloading service, for a fee. Besides our own fleet, we use an experienced outside carrier with the knowledge of the weather and time sensitivity of our nursery products. For deliveries that require our unloading services, arrangements can be made in advance, with our office, the machine and operator will be billed separately for their time. Fuel prices fluctuate and we do our best to provide the most accurate freight rates.


Custom Planting

We offer custom planting services to contractors and home owners who do not have the experience in handling oversize plant material. Enhance your capabilities by allowing us to assist you in the process with our experienced team, we have over 80 years of combined experience in the mature tree installation business. Due to the custom nature of this service, a representative will be required to visit the site and put together a formal quote based on the project’s unique specifications. Call our office to arrange an appointment with one of our representatives.

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Custom Planting

Airspade: Tree care and Tree transplanting services

Airspade: Tree care and Tree transplanting services

We are now using the most advanced technology in modern arboriculture to uncover the mysteries of the root system and transplant mature trees. The airspade uses compressed air to carefully excavate the soil from the root flare and decompact the soil so that we can make repairs such as girdling roots which will support the trees health and longevity. The airspade can be used to transplant trees up to 20” caliper on site or to a new location within very close proximity to the existing tree location. In doing so 85% of the root system (1:15 ratio) is retained during the process. This drastically reduces any transplants shock, minimizes aftercare requirements and supports an environment that the tree will not just survive but continue to thrive. The equal transfer of nutrients and water upward (from the roots) and downward (from the leaves) constitutes a healthy metabolic function. A healthy tree represents a well balance naturally ordered system when it functions in this manner. This airspade technology and process supports a well balanced system. Advantages to bare root transplanting (BRT):

  • The use of compressed air excavation tool uncovers mysteries of the root system making it easier to determine proper planting depth.
  • Preventative pruning of potential girdling roots is made easier.
  • Flexible transplanting windows, for most species is much more flexible to changes in the construction schedule. BRT can occur from the time the ground thaws in the early spring until the ground freezes in early winter.
  • Staking and guying is seldom required.
  • The risk of failure and tree mortality is drastically reduced when trees are BRT.

We have been very pleased with the quality and large sizes of spruce at Green Acres. The digging and handling of material has met our expectations as well. Both Dennise and Horace have provide top notch service and professionalism through out.